Vox.Infold, the latest project from Ruby Singh, is an a cappella offering, composed and (remarkably) recorded at a time when singing together was something that could kill us. Against the backdrop of the covid 19 pandemic and amidst potent social unrest, this powerhouse vocal ensemble of Indigenous, Inuit, Black and South Asian voices, reimagined how to sing together. The resulting work is so much more than a convergence of diverse vocal traditions but a complex rendering of what’s possible when we can hold each other's humanity. The album dives into a full bodied, resonant and sensuous expression housed in polyrhythm, lush harmonies, mimicry, and polyphonic poetry.  The resulting sonic landscape encompasses a non-linear journey in which we may find and care for each other. Evoking loneliness, joy, the mysterious and supernatural, Vox.Infold brings together musical luminaries, Dawn Pemberton, Inuksuk Mackay and Tiffany Ayalik of PIQSIQ, Russell Wallace, Tiffany Moses, Shamik Bilgi and Ruby Singh. They remind us that the human voice is an adaptation of the metabolic activity most crucial to our existence – breathing. This is how the atmosphere enters our beings and how we know we are intimately connected to our world. 

The debut single for the Vox.infold album “Nakshatra”is the name for the lunar mansion in Indian Astronomy, carrying with it the light that shines through the darkness. Just like the moon shifts the tide, Nakshatra has a gravity that pulls us in and provides buoyancy for these troubled times. It begins with tonal invitations that shift and move into rhythmic pulses of Katajuk (Inuit throat singing) dropping into a beatbox vocal orchestra with cascading melodies and harmony. As it settles, the song carries you on a determined current reaching for impossible futures. The accompanying video weaves ever shifting golden threads that represent these distinct voices coming together to create a whole, offering tension and release, are the movements of Laura June Albert. The video was created by Ruby Singh with the mentorship of Sammy Chien of the Chimerik 似不像 Collective.

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