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kraKIN is a more-than-human hip-hop collaboration that brings together the sonic and lyrical stylings of Ruby Singh, the amphibious intellect of Professah Exile, and a boom-bap menagerie of banging Westcoast flora, fauna, and fungi. In an age of climate crisis, this multi-species mob aims to decompose the human-centred and reintegrate our minds with the resonant ecology of our world. kraKIN cuts, cross-fades and chops field recordings of local biomes with "biosonification" (a technology that turns the bioelectric signature of living beings into musical information) to create a truly place-based sound. Tracks include everything from cedar tree bass lines, to soaring wolf-howl synths, to polypore fungi triggered 808s, to woodpecker snares. A sonic portrait to shapeshift our perceptions and stay awake to the changes needed in our world.

"a visionary artist ... blending the technological world with art, social and environmental causes ...

Singh's work reveals a new, malleable reality that is long overdue."

CBC Radio Canada

"Mesmerizing, vibrant ... Singh isn't just crossing genres, he's stradling astral planes"

Globe and Mail

"Ruby Singh keeps on dropping dynamic sonic experiments"

Vancouver Sun

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